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Three Reasons You Should Check Out USPS Informed Delivery™: Get a sneak peek of what’s coming in your mail box

Three Reasons You Should Check Out USPS Informed Delivery™: Get a sneak peek of what’s coming in your mail box

Direct Mail is making a resurgence and with Informed Delivery™ by U.S. Postal Service®, your mailpiece can contain a digital component.


What exactly is Informed Delivery™? 


Informed Delivery™ is a free USPS® service where residential consumers subscribe to receive a digital preview of their household’s mail for the day. You can subscribe at usps.com. Consumers can select to receive daily email notifications of scanned images of incoming letter-sized mail pieces. Notifications are available from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.


The interactive campaigns include custom images that will display in the email as either a color representative image with a color ride-along image or with a grayscale image of the mailpiece and the color ride-along image, and a target URL that directs the user to a digital experience.


Three reasons why direct mail campaigns should include Informed Delivery™:


  1. It adds a digital, clickable component where the subscribers have already opted in, leading to an average 64% email open rate.


  1. Marketers have the opportunity to reach consumers who want, like and react to direct mail…twice! The extra touch makes sense and is free.


  1. The analytics that can be pulled post-campaign provide additional insight and opportunity for follow-up.


There are over 17 million subscribers nationally and the number is growing by over 500k users monthly. The USPS® has a goal to reach 40 million subscribers by the end of 2020. Currently, I see an average of 13-15% subscriber matches in data files, with some as high as 19% and continuing to grow. I subscribed personally nearly 2 years ago and look for my Informed Daily Digest® each morning.


Marketers who are looking to drive their audience to schedule an appointment, rsvp, and to interact digitally should try Informed Delivery™. If you would like a free consultation on how to include Informed Delivery™ on your next campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out.



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