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Triptych is a marketing enablement and sales execution platform. Our intelligent software streamlines sales and marketing processes. Triptych helps sales teams in regulated industries access, customize, and order materials while making sure they follow brand and regulatory rules. Additionally, the Triptych platform provides marketing with valuable information on content performance for improvement. As part of The Marek Group, Triptych uniquely combines actionable insights and a centralized source for diverse marketing execution services. 



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Case Studies

Triptych-Image-1True Omnichannel Delivery

With through-channel marketing automation, your partners and sales reps receive exactly what they need when they need it. From bus wraps and billboards, to direct mail and email campaigns, Triptych does it all.

Triptych-Image-2Enterprise-Wide Adoption

We ensure your technology is being used to its fullest potential by working with your team to guarantee successful implementation and adoption. Triptych even seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and ERP to reconcile traditionally fragmented systems.

Triptych-Image-3Real-Time Business Intelligence

Working together is often easier said than done when it comes to marketing and sales, but with Triptych your marketers can easily track content performance metrics, receive feedback from sales reps, and optimize their content library with a transparent feedback loop.

Triptych-4Alignment Across the Entire Organization

With Triptych, alignment is no longer a buzzword. Bring strategic partnership across your organization, from sales, marketing, and accounting, to operations and compliance, with a single tool. Optimize your headcount through automation and make the most of your budget by saving over $500k in marketing.

“We’re saving on average over 16,000 hours annually on customized content creation which attributes to more than $500k in annual marketing spend that can be used elsewhere without sacrificing sales support.”

– Channel Manager, Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

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