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As effective marketing channels go, direct mail has never mattered more than it does right now. Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to your local business or garner support for regional and/or national movements—HighNote’s targeted direct mail programs diversify your marketing outreach and help you build stronger, more personal connections with your desired audiences.  

Along with the latest in digital and analytical tools, our direct mail marketing team uses industry experience and insights to help you choose the right message and materials and guides you through optimal sizing and sorting that will satisfy your vision and extend your budget. 

From creative ideation to list segmentation, postal optimization to innovative response tracking, at HighNote, we’re committed to helping you build better connection by bringing your brand directly to your audience with stronger, more impactful direct mail marketing campaigns. 

Direct Mail Services
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“The levels of quality and commitment demonstrated by HighNote have continually helped Red Cross improve our direct mail program.”

— American Red Cross

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