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A Word with Purpose

Rise & Shine!

Have you chosen your word for 2021 yet? Choosing a word of the year is becoming an annual tradition at HighNote–and for good reason! We choose a word, or short phrase, with deep meaning to keep our team united and motivated, and to remind them of our goals and ultimately what we want to accomplish that year.

Whatever word for 2021 you choose, it’s a word you will want to remind yourself of ALL YEAR. This word is like an anchor for what you want to achieve. When you see the word written out or even spoken, that word is going to be a reminder of what you want. It will reinforce your goal intentions. It is a powerful mantra for you to keep working toward.

Once you’ve chosen your word, you need to keep it “out there”. You will want it to be visible so that every time you do see it, it will be a reminder of your goal(s). Having your word visible gives you that extra encouragement you need from time to time, especially when things go awry. Your word in effect, instills the encouragement you need to overcome this small blip and keep moving forward.

Have your word printed, framed or on an easel, and keep it on your desk or even on your bedside table so you see it every morning. Make it your background wallpaper on your computer, write it on post-it notes and definitely journal regularly on what your word means to you.

So, get 2021 off on the right foot. Find a word you would like to achieve, want to be, or want to have. Once you see how powerful your word for 2021 can be, you might start making it a yearly tradition! Need some “word” ideas? Here’s a great list of words to get your wheels turning. Once you’ve found your word for 2021, let me know. I’d love to know your word choice and what it means to you.

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